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If you are on the fence regarding training, or have been considering doing training with Gateway PDR Training, see what a few of our students have to say regarding their training.



Mike's training comes highly recommended from peers and colleagues in the industry as well:


Mike was awarded the International Mobile Tech Expo Person of the Year award for being a PDR Mentor. This is a true testament to the level of quality skill, service, and dedication that you will learn when training with Mike.


A note from MIKE SEWALD, owner, and primary Instructor:

Hello, and thanks for visiting our website. Hopefully you will find some helpful information to put you on the road to joining our industry. We have a huge network of Technicians in almost every State in the U.S., Canada, and some in Europe. So if you're looking for the best, and most comprehensive training in the industry, please give me a call.


Michael Sewald
Gateway Dent, LLC
(314) 775-9904

There are no contracts required, you are free to work anywhere you like.

We offer ride-along programs either here in St. Louis, or anywhere in the country. We will come to you for Advanced Ride-Along.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Paintless Dent Repair industry, I strongly recommend you do a lot of research, and talk with existing Dent Repair Professionals before deciding what type of training is best for you.

Most technicians who come for training were referred by a friend or relative who cannot dedicate the time for proper instruction to get them started.

You will need lots of help your first year working as an apprentice for an experienced Route or Hail Technician. We focus on you specific needs. We constantly monitor your progress and spend more effort in your weaker areas.

Our Process:

Let's face it, no one is going to learn everything about Paintless Dent Repair in six weeks, let alone some other one or two week courses. But we can give you a good basic foundation on which to build.

Some companies teach inaccurate pushes to begin lifting the dent, called "roughing it up", then go back and clean it up later. With our process, each push is calculated and precise. Leaving nowasted effort, so the dent comes up clean the first time.

We continually strive to provide quality training at reasonable prices.


Upon successful completion of the course and certification, (if interested in chasing hail) your contact information is forwarded to some of the major hail brokers, and you are added to our lists of available technicians. THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED. You are free to work anywhere you like, retail, bodyshops, car rentals, fleet vehicles, auctions, or dealers and used car lots. In short, you can work anywhere you like.

Tuition Fees:

We have now combined our basic, advanced, route, and hail tech courses into one program! This has dramatically improved the tech's readiness to begin their career, and the tuition price has remained the same.

We offer the following courses:


  • Full Course: Basic dents and creases, and advanced large dents and severe damage
    • 6 weeks - $2,400 per week *
  • Basic Hail Repair Now part of the full course!
    • 6 weeks - $2,400 per week *
  • Advanced large and severe damage Now part of the full course!
    • $2,400 per week The advanced class has now been added into the basic class, free of charge!

Our graduation certificate is recognized by major Hail Brokers across the country!

* If your ability is not where it needs to be, you can continue on a weekly basis for as long as you need.

Gateway Dent Training Center, located near St. Louis, Missouri, is a subsidiary of Gateway Dent LLC, owned and operated by Mike Sewald, who has trained hundreds of technicians as well as instructors at other training facilities.

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