THanks for the beginning of what will be a career that allows me to provide for those that mean so much to me. I always will remember the keys of repair to allow me to grow with the skill I will carry for life. Always be proud to be someone that gives skill to someone to take care of their family, bring someone that has trained beginners of a trade, take full pride in what you.

Gateway is a word that Mike uses in another fashion. He gives you the Gateway into a very promising career. With hard work and concentration he can lead you into a skill for life. Thanks Mike!

You're a skilled instructor, keep doing what you do bud. Keep on them young boys to harden up, the world is full of folks that will take advantage of a new guy. Let them know to rise above the low-lifes in the world, especially in the PDR world.

Jesse "Jester" Atkins

North Carolina


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