"I had been doing dents for about a year before I went to see Mike at Gateway Dent. At first I wasn’t sure if he would have that much else to show me. I quickly realized that this was an “ignorance is bliss” situation because I would now consider my previous work as hack work. Mike taught me how to feel 100% confident on even the ugliest dents and made me many times faster than I was before. Now for the first time since I started PDR, I am excited to go out and do the work I feel more confident doing. I found out I was a poor PDR tech before and if you let Mike take you under his wing, you also might be surprised at the tip of the iceberg you were seeing before. I hope you make the choice and I can say how I know he can teach 10+ year techs how to improve greatly.

No longer a hack,"

Wade Friebe



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