"Dear Mr. Sewald, my friend, my mentor, and my instructor, as I sit in my hotel room on the last night before my final, I cannot help but think of the past six weeks. The highs and lows, the struggles and milestones. It has been a roller coaster to say the least. You have asked for an evaluation and I believe that you will find this to be honest. Each morning entering into your shop I am greeted by a man with a passion for what he does. This man fully intends to help the student before him and as I am greeted by you I cannot help but notice that you are reading my demeanor and how I am doing on each and every day to see how I feel or if something is bothering me from the previous day of training. Your ability to read a student is second to none. You have pushed me past my comfort zone and what I could have ever thought possible, and just as I am failing you bring me back and build my confidence to push on. You have not only taught me Paintless Dent Repair, but how to overcome physical disabilities from a previous accident to allow for a future. The information that you provided is direct and to the point and my notebook will become my best friend in years to come. I can’t think of one thing I would change in your curriculum. You have displayed what is possible as a seasoned technician and as the light bulb has just starting to flicker with all of the possibilities I can only hope to possess one tenth of your skill set in the future. Your enthusiasm for what you do is addicting and allows a student to dream of what is possible. I believe the friendship that we have forged will last the test of time.

Sincerely the biggest guy you have ever had in class, your friend and student,


Jonathan Righetti

Reliable Dent Repair


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