"To put it simple, Gateway Dent is the place to go if you are serious about learning painless dent repair. Mike is honest and knows everything there is to knoow about training and preparing someone for the art of PDR. I took his 6 week course and learned something new every day. There was never a wasted day. I learned how to fix basic dents, creases, damage under braces, large dents, multifaceted dents, tool selection, access, how to manage paperwork, and much more. As long as you listen and give it your all, you will be ready for a PDR career with confidence after 6 weeks. It is an investment, but you won't regret it. The course is worth every penny. Mike goes above and beyond and teaches things you won't learn anywhere else, much less at a 2 week course."

Shane Belt

Shane's Dent Removal


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