Where can I work after I complete the training?

Upon successful completion of the course and certification, (if interested in chasing hail) your contact information is forwarded to some of the major hail brokers, and you are added to our lists of available technicians. THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED. You are free to work anywhere you like, retail, bodyshops, car rentals, fleet vehicles, auctions, or dealers and used car lots. In short, you can work anywhere you like.

Do I need to buy tools?

Not at this time. Tools will be provided until you are well into the course for two reasons:

1. You will customize your beginner set to fit your needs

2. You might change your mind and decide this is not for you.

What if I decide to quit?

If at any time you decide this field is not for you, and you wish to discontinue training, we will be happy to refund the unused portion of your tuition. Your success is our goal, but if at any time you decide to terminate training for any reason, the tuition fee will be pro-rated for time spent.

What about housing?

Affordable local hotel accommodations are just five minutes away. We have a partner hotel that provides affordable accomodations for our students while they are in training. Visit our Partner Hotel section for more information.